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2012 Emergency Medicine Annual Congress

(EMAC) will take place from 9 — 12 November 2012 at the PLA General Hospital International Conference Center,Beijing,China.


Focusing on the theme One World, One Standard of Emergency Medicine, the congress aims to draw together physicians, PhD, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, and other specialties devoted to Emergency Medicine from around the globe.

Reasons to Attend

2012 Emergency Medicine Annual Congress is hosted by the Chinese Emergency Physician Association and will incorporate the PLA General Hospital.


The congress will be relevant to specialised medical practitioners working in the Emergency area and the broader group of allied health professionals. The scope of the congress has expanded in line with developments in the medical care of Emergency patients, in particular, recognition of the need for a team of professionals of different specialties such as surgeons, anaesthetists, bacteriologists, critical care physicians, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc.

Join us at 2012 Emergency Medicine Annual Congress

· Learn from the world's experts

· Network and exchange ideas

  with the leaders in the field

· Hear the latest product news

· Discover the most recent

  advances in Emergency Medicine

Latest News

· Latest scientific programme is
available by clicking here
· Some Satellite symposiums and
research forums to EMAC 2012 will
be held.For more information
please click here.


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